That awkward moment when the Princess SEES DEAD PEOPLE.

The toilet of the dead.

That’s right, loves. I was just walking through the ever so creepy Catacombs in Paris, France, when I discovered this little gem of a toilet. Composed of stone, rock, and a smidge of human bone, this little loo is perfect for those with excess flesh on their asses to protect them from the hard sting of rock piercing through your tush. Ever thought porcelain was too cold? Well, friends, you’ve felt nothing until you touched your arse on this thang, which has been buried multiple stories below ground for centuries. How do I know the temperature of said toilet, you might ask? Well, duh, children, I was about to go take a pee (because, like, who said I couldn’t?) and, well, my arse just became way too cold for me to continue sitting in comfort and I just had to jump up. Oh, and when I did this, I hit my head on a skull above, and well, it fell onto my noggin. I’m quite concussed, darlings. And I think that skull is probably quite concussed as well, since it kind of broke and whatnot. Thus, I ran away and hope to the heavens that I shall not be haunted forever. I guess the Princess of Porcelain is also a Catacomb Killer. Watch yourselves, loves.